Hair Removal

Brow Design                                          20

Brow Clean-up                                      15

Lip/Sideburn/Chin                                 10

Full Face                                               40+

Bikini                                                     25+

High Bikini                                            45+

Brazilian                                               65+

Brazilian Maintained                            50+

Lower Leg                                           40+

Full Leg                                               70+

Toes                                                    15

Full Arm                                              45+

Forearm                                              30+

Underarm                                           25+

Back/Chest                                         75+

*Please tell the esthetician if you are currently using any Retinol, Glycolic or other prescriptive acid products. They should be discontinued 7 days prior to waxing.

*Clients on Accutane cannot be waxed.

*Clients going through Chemotherapy or Radiation cannot be waxed.